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Room 24


Dear Parents:
I am delighted to have your child in my classroom this year.  With your encouragement, your child will be a part of many exciting and rewarding experiences this school year.  Since lifelong success depends in part on self-discipline, I have developed a Classroom Discipline Plan, which affords every student’s guidance in making good decisions about his or her behavior and thus an opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing class environment.  Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his/her growth.

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to his or her schooling.  It is important that your child goes to bed early every night and eat a healthy breakfast every day.  Please help your child achieve academic success in school by providing the following at home:


1. Check and sign every day. 1. Lined paper     1. Class and school library 
2. Return in homework folder. 2. Crayons 2. Public library
3. Initial reading log. 3. Pencils with erasers    3. Book clubs   
  4. Ruler 4. Book stores 
  5. Dictionary English/Spanish  
  6. Quiet place to work     

I am looking forward to collaborating with you to ensure and maximize the success of our students’ learning throughout the year.  Please contact me at (626)338-4013 ext.6774 or by email: if you have any questions or concerns.



Mrs. Castillo



We are College Bound !


Pepperdine University