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M, T, TH, F
Grades TK-3    8:00am-2:20pm
Grades 4-6       8:00am-2:40pm

All Grades        8:00am-12:45pm

February Character Trait


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  1. Benito Gamez                                                TK
  2. Issac Ocanas                                                  TK
  3. Sofia Sandoval                                              K
  4. Rubi Alegria                                                   K
  5. Amy Ramirez                                                  K
  6. Mia Morales                                                   K
  7. Valerie Gonzales                                            1st
  8. Leslie Patricio                                                 1st
  9. Maria Rios                                                      1st
  10.  Steven Gomez                                               1st
  11. Emily Campos                                                2nd
  12. Vanessa Santillan                                         3rd
  13. Monserrat Mendoza                                      3rd
  14. Reyli Jimenez                                                 3rd
  15. Gustavo Trujillo Jr.                                         3rd
  16. Carol Gonzalez                                               3rd
  17. Giselle Garcia                                                 4th
  18. Janeth Munoz                                                 5th
  19. Hector Garcia                                                 5th
  20. Esmeralda Guzman                                       5th
  21. Vanessa Contreras                                        6th
  22. Aranxta Zamarripa                                        6th




Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a rigorous curriculum in a student-centered school.  Our staff is committed to preparing ALL students for success in meeting the high expectations of the 21st Century.

Huskies' Creed

We are Heath Huskies.

We are confident.

We are exceptional.

We do not make excuses.

We are responsible and outstanding citizens.

We are college bound.

We are Heath Huskies.

We will succeed!

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Practice and Training Test

School Mission

The Margaret Heath community is dedicated to nurturing respectful, responsible, and resourceful learners who are collaborative problem solvers and effective communicators who think critically and creatively.

Students are valued and supported in achieving academic success.